Television Show
Created & Produced
by Colleen Van Ells

P O BOX 65

Executive Producer/Colleen Van Ells

Shawano WI 54166

715 851.6809                       

Advertise on the hottest local reality show to hit
television and experience a positive response from the public.

Our loyal viewers appreciate the support of the show that
brings them an exciting and fun filled viewing time of music, happy people,
festivities and dance.

Quoted as the “the fastest hour on television” the show has
enjoyed a tremendous market of 50+ viewers as well as the younger ages.

Polka means two step and you will find the two step is done
in most forms of music.

The official state dance of Wisconsin is the Polka and is
loved throughout the US and the world.The show will continue to feature ethnic music, big band
memories, ballroom dancing, the spicy Tex-Mex sound to the full bodied brass tones of
the German music, the bouncing pumped Polish style beat, lively Irish melodies,
swing tunes and much more!

Even though the show is viewed by the younger public the 50+
market is unbelievable. The POLKA! POLKA! POLKA! Show has experienced 46.1% of
the 50+ market. These people love to travel and participate in the
taping of the show by attending the many events bringing their campers, RV’s
and a zest for living.

There is nothing quite like the glitz and glamour that
surround the taping of a popular syndicated television program to attract
people to that special event. Happy sounding music, smiling faces, scenic
beauty, interviews and special moments when young and young at heart alike are
making memories on the show!

The show is hosted by the executive producer, Colleen Van
Ells, whose effervescent charm adds warmth as she guides us through each
program where young and young at heart stay physically fit with the age old
exercise of the dance….

The following are some of the features that may appear on
the show:

  1. Happy Music
  2. Special Moments
  3. Scenic Beauty Interviews
  4. Dancing(amatuers and Pro's)
  5. Guest Stars
  6. Dance Contests(Short segments of interest)
  7. Touring
  8. Taping Dates
  9. Special Events
  10. Golden Memories

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program POLKA! POLKA! POLKA!  See the
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